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  • Work closely with Project Managers and other members of the Development Team to both develop detailed specification documents with clear project deliverables and timelines, and to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
  • Produce project estimates during sales process, including expertise required, total number of people required, total number of development hours required, etc.
  • Attend client meetings during the sales process and during development.
  • Work with clients and Project Managers to build and refine graphic designs for websites. Must have strong skills in Photoshop, Fireworks, or equivalent application(s).
  • Convert raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/XHTML themes.
  • Determine appropriate architecture, and other technical solutions, and make relevant recommendations to clients.
  • Communicate to the Project Manager with efficiency and accuracy any progress and/or delays. Engage in outside-the-box thinking to provide high value-of-service to clients.
  • Alert colleagues to emerging technologies or applications and the opportunities to integrate them into operations and activities.
  • Be actively involved in and contribute regularly to the development community of the CMS of your choice.
  • Develop innovative, reusable Web-based tools for activism and community building.


Информация о работе
Категория вакансии: компьютер/It
Подкатегория: Software Vendors
Занятость: Полная занятость
Диапазон Зарплаты Вакансии: $ 2000 - 2000 в месяц
Замена Вакансии: Morning
Продолжительность: 3month
Почтовый индекс:
Отправлено: 08-09-2017
Пол: Не имеет значения
Возраст: 25 Years - 35 Years
Минимальное Образование: Университетский
Степень Название: Bs(cs)
Минимальный опыт: 3 Year
Карьерный уровень: Experienced (Non-Manager)
Разрешение на работу:
Командировки: Не требуется
Статус вакансии: Опрос
Вакансий нет: 2
Начало публикации: 07-09-2017
Окончание публикации: 15-11-2025
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Required Skills

  • BS in computer science or a related field, or significant equivalent experience
  • 3 years minimum experience with HTML/XHTML and CSS
  • 2 years minimum Web programming experience, including PHP, ASP or JSP
  • 1 year minimum experience working with relational database systems such as MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle and a good working knowledge of SQL
  • Development experience using extensible web authoring tools
  • Experience developing and implementing open source software projects
  • Self-starter with strong self-management skills
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities

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